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If you have interests to donate Cambodia, please do let us know. Our email is


The General Manager Lynn of CHAMP LTD went to Cambodia in 2017. She found that there're many people suffered a lot. They have no enough foods to eat and clothes to wear. They even drink rain water. Most of their public school only provide half day study. Some school has no desks, tables, and even classrooms. They have no money to go to hospital, many of them die of illness. 
Lynn felt so sad and she wants to find someway to help those poor people. She knows that if the poor wants to live better, they must be self-dependence instead of always rely on others. The government must do a lot of work to teach the people how to earn money and how to make their life better. 
From 2017 until now our company donate some foods, toys, clothes to the disabled and students. Some volunteers with our company donate to a school to help them build a library in 2018.  We even donate to teach some big students to be a teacher. We wish to build a factory in the future to let more and more people have jobs. All staffs of our company are propagandizing these to the public.  We feel that what we're working on is not only for ourselves but also for the society.This job makes our life and work meaningful. Anyway, our energy is limited. We hope more and more people can join us to do this job.
If you have interests to donate to Cambodia, please do let us know. Our email is

This is a school. If raining days, they can not study.