On 17th Sept 2019, Shenzhen Triworks Technology Co.,Ltd (with Amazon brand JASGOOD and WERFORU) visited a Children Organization of Cambodia, which is the fourth time our team has come to Cambodia to help the poor. This time, we came to an organization dedicated to helping the orphan, disabled and waif children who are lack of nutrition.

When we entered the door, the children were sitting on the small chair cunningly waiting for our arrival. Many children reached out to clap hands with us. After receiving our response, they all laughed happily, as if they had received some precious gift.

After we had put our school bags, stationery, educational toys and food on the desk, we began to distribute them. From the first child to the last one, everyone will say thank you very politely when they receive these gifts. Some older children will give gifts to younger children first and then pick up their own. We wanted to give an extra bread to the older children, but they politely refused and said one would be enough. The whole process was orderly, no one was fighting and making any noise.


Everyone is content with the heavy gifts on their hands. Their eyes are as clear as if all the bad things in the world had nothing to do with them.

Later, we visited the place what they called the "kitchen", which was actually an open-air shed with some very simple cooker. Some of the children who grew up in this organization chose to stay here and continue to help later children. They could only make very simple meals every day to feed the children to survive. They raise very small babies, bathe and cut children’s hair and nails, and arrange for picking up children who live far away. There is a blackboard next to the kitchen, which is used to record the names of each person or organization who has donated something to them to express their gratitude. Later, we had a meeting with the managers here. At the meeting, they mentioned their experiences and the materials they needed, such as rice, oil,toiletries, clothes, milk powder, stationery and so on.

We(EMIT Group) take part in charity every year to help people in a hard life, provide rice, clothes, notebook and other living supplies to these children, also help them go to school to learn foreign language. We have donated more than $20000 to Cambodia this year included some living suppliers. To ensure that our money really helps children in need, our shareholders and colleagues share these supplies to these people by themselves. We also have promised this organization that we will provide the rice for next one year from October.

During our meeting, a child came up and gently took my hand. I smiled at him and took pictures with him. There are many children playing happily on the swing behind us, and some children squatting together to make toys. They quickly made the shapes of trains, planes and Ferris wheels. If they weren't here, how could they not be the children of a happy family?


Some children come here because their parents are alcoholic or drug addicts, or because they are totally poor, which forced them to go out and beg for money to support their families. Some of the children were sent here because their parents died and they were taken care of by relatives. Many elder brothers and sisters came with their younger brothers and sisters. Many of them had no shoes to wear, and their clothes were dirty and even worn. The administrators here did not want these children to be hurt by their self-esteem and live without dignity from an early age, so they established this organization to help these children.

When we left, the children said goodbye to us politely and cheerfully, but our mood was heavy. I always remember the view that when we took the tour bus, there passed by a school bus. Many children in school uniforms and backpacks waved happily to us, while the poor children were not full and warm. We feel sad for all the children like angels but who live in poverty. But this is also the reason why we need to work harder in the future. Only in this way can we help more people in the world.


We wish everyone in the world live a happy life and every child in the world has a happy childhood.