Worried about being bloated and rustic in autumn and winter clothes? A belt to solve your troubles

In autumn and winter, the clothes on the body began to be added one by one. Maybe the girls in the South didn't feel much, but the friends in the North who had already provided heating had already begun to think about this problem: how to avoid being overweight and keeping warm&stylish when wearing clothes to go out?

winter outfit
If you don't want to be wrapped up in autumn and winter coats without waist, short and fat, take a look at what Iris has arranged for you today: tie a "good figure" and "elegant" matching accessories - belt.

winter outfit with belt
Get rid of the common sense of passers-by, how much "bonus points" does the belt wear?

Bonus points ①: make loose sweater "delicate"

In fact, the most basic function of the waistband is to be used as an accessory of the stable lower garment, which is usually worn on the waist loop to adjust the waist circumference. If it is used as accessories, it is more to "highlight the waist", create the effect of high waist, and play a significant role.

For example, when we wear loose sweaters in autumn and winter, if we put sweaters into our bottoms, it will be not good-looking, but if we put sweaters down directly, it will appear that we have no waist and no spirit. So we can tie a texture leather belt on the outside of the sweaters to improve the waistline, and at the same time, the loose sweaters will become exquisite, Elegance plus▼

tie a texture leather belt on the outside of the sweaters
Bonus points ②: let the neutral suit become a "little woman"

Suits and coats are the most frequently used commuting items for work in autumn and winter. Suits are neat and stylish, medium sexy and strong. If you want to add femininity, you can choose skirts and high heels to match.

If your suit is a medium and long style, you may try to add a soft leather belt to the outside of the suit, which can not only make a good transition between the style of suit coat and skirt, but also make the overall silhouette appear more slender, hang down one side of the belt naturally, and increase the extension of the line. The "plate" suit seems to have become flexible and feminine

add a soft leather belt to the outside of the suit
Bonus point ③: make the dress into a "two piece set" vibe

The long knitted dress in autumn and winter is very gentle, but at the same time it brings a soft touch, the material of the fabric is easy to highlight the small problems of the figure, such as the small belly fat that can not be hidden. At this time, the belt can also be used to help decorate.

With the same color soft belt tied at the high waist, you can create a "two-piece set" of visual sense. The part of the upper part increases the natural pleats, which is very friendly to the girl with small chest, appears natural and tasteful, and the skirt outline of the lower part will also appear more straight and slender (refer to the right figure);

If the body is plump and mellow and there is no fat, you can hold on a long knitted dress without wearing a belt (left picture)

support a long knitted dress without wearing a belt
Bonus point ④: make the finishing point and brighten the dark dress

When autumn and winter coats and interiors are dark black and gray, it's very necessary to look for the bright spots on the body. Fashionable and smart women usually do this:

  • For a pair of eye-catching but not too exaggerated earrings.
  • Use light colored belts to highlight dark colors, such as the earth color system with retro texture and the blue system with luxurious elegance.

At this time, the belt can be directly tied on the outside of the simple buttonless design coat, which can not only play a role of fixing the "type", but also enhance the sense of color, and play a finishing role in the overall wear, which is simple and temperament

ties the belt directly on the outside of the simple buttonless design coat
Bonus point ⑤: Make the top and bottom more layered

In commuting suit pants, wearing a belt can make the mix of upper and lower layers more clear, and the metal belt buckle design of the leather belt can also increase the urban texture, especially when the shirt and suit pants are matched in the same color,the belt can also connect well with different shades of color▼

wearing a belt in commuting suit pants
What details should I pay attention to when I fasten my belt?

① How do people with thick waists wear them?

There are many bonus points for belt, but not everyone is suitable to use belt in daily collocation, for example, people with thick waist, wearing obvious belt is easier to highlight the problem. So if you want to wear it, it is recommended to choose the basic simple style with the same color as the bottom dress to weaken the sense of existence. At the same time, you can also cover it with a coat, such as the treatment of open wear to increase the width of contrast, so that the waist is not too obvious

choose the basic simple style belt with the same color as the bottom dress
②How to choose the type and thickness of belt?

Whether the belt can be the finishing touch depends on the choice of style and wearing method. For example, a thin belt as thin as a rope, and a thick belt as thick as a waistband. In fact, the first thing when choose them is what kind of clothes to match.

If it's matched with a small version of cardigan as delicate and soft as the left pic, then choosing a small and delicate thin belt will be more appropriate to the overall matching sense, just right and won't "catch the mirror";

If it's matched with leather skirts and fluffy Pullover sweaters with large sense of measurement as shown in the right pic, the leather waistband with slight luster will add a lot of fashion to the whole. The visual effect has a strong impact, and it is suitable for the style with style

fashion outfit match with belt
③  Make good use of various styles of "belts" to wear a sense of style

We suggest that you can prepare more regular belt  such as thin, wide and medium ones. You can switch as you like according to different dressing looks. Changing a accessories can change the overall feeling, which is more practical than preparing coat coats of different patterns.

In addition, you can also learn to use various styles of "belts" to wear different styles. For example, the "Inherently belt" on the woolen coat. When you wear it open, it's chic and neat. When you fasten your belt, you'll show your X-shaped figure. It's slim and feminine

woolen coat

Fashionista's way of wearing is to tie a "lazy" knot loosely, and properly expose the color block inside, which inadvertently enriches the overall level, and the vertical line with "breath sense" left in the gap between coats can also show high and thin visually

 tie a "lazy" knot loosely on coat
You can also use a long silk scarf as a belt, fold it in advance, and tie it at the side or middle of the waist. The silk scarf has a better sense of lightness and softness, and it can also use color to echo the single items on your body, showing rich texture changes with autumn and winter clothes

use a long silk scarf as a belt
In fact, sometimes the overall arrangement of not wearing a belt is not ugly, and the style is also very casual and comfortable (left pic). But if it is for a more refined and elegant effect, wearing a belt will give the impression of paying more attention to detail taste.

In addition, from the perspective of height, it is more recommended for small people to wear the belt to make high waistline (right pic).

belt vs no belt
Belt is not necessary, but in autumn and winter, if you want to get rid of the bloated feeling and wear a good figure, you can't do without it. Maybe there's only one belt between ordinary wear and high-level fashionable wear.

If you care more about the texture of wearing, try more! I hope this sharing will inspire and help you. If you like it, just collect and read it slowly!

okay! Today's sharing of belt matching skills in autumn and winter is here. Have you learned it!

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