Looking bloated? A belt makes you slimmer and more stylish!(1)

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In autumn and winter, what do you think is the biggest matching problem?

For me, one of the most worrying things about winter collocation is to dress too much and look too fat.

Want to wear more warmth and don't want to look like a "bear"? Want a combination of style and temperature? A belt can meet your "slimming" needs.


Turn into a small waist in a second. It's enough!


 The little belt tied on the waist can not only increase the level sense of the overall shape, but also show thin and stylish.


The fashion circle will always find a new balance to make you willing to pay for the new fashion.

You said that the sports wind is not suitable for you, then use the combination of woman and man to amaze you.

You said that you are not suitable for the big silhouette. Look, there are new patterns on the stage. Use various belts to emphasize the gradually blurred female figure lines.

Yuan Quan, who loves minimalism, also uses a belt to divide the proportion of long legs, which is handsome and cool.

Today, let's see how useful the belt is in winter~

How to pick belt

I believe that if you often read our blog, you must know:If the "waistline" is a brand, I have  probably advertised it hundreds of times for free.

A belt make you look taller and have long legs easily.
A belt can help you re-scale your body, make you look taller and have long legs easily.

match with belt

This is the magic of the belt, which has already exceeded the "practical" range of "pants decoration".It has already become a new fashion favorite and can easily change the style of a garment and decide whether you are a small "waist" elite.

So how to choose different belts?

                                                     -Pick wide and thin-

The width of the belt sometimes directly determines the style of  your today outfit.

If you choose the right one, it will play a positive role, but if not, it may play the opposite role and expose your shortcomings.

coat match with red wide belt

Wide belt has more strong temperament, especially the style with metallic luster.

It's very suitable to create a style with a clean style.Especially the thick coat and the wide belt sometimes match perfectly in winter. With a pair of boots, you are the queen of the street.

 black wide beltlong coat match with wide belt

But for the wide belt, our biggest mistake is that many people think that if their waist is a little thicker, they should wear a thick belt. In fact, on the contrary, sometimes the thin belt can weaken the curve of the waist.

 the thin belt can weaken the curve of the waist

Just see Jeanne Damas, she was obviously not fat, but was tied with a "belly belly" by a wide belt.In contrast, the thin belt is more delicate and has a very strong ability to show thin.That's why I prefer a thin belt to a wide one.

fashion wide beltfashion wide belt

The thin belt is a good item for all types of figure. Even the most basic clothes can be divided into high-level layers.

The thin belt is a good item for all types of figure
It is no exaggeration to say that match with a thin belt, 90% of the clothes in the wardrobe can become more fashionable.

The thin belt is a good item for all types of figure

Like all belts, the thin belt is also a piece with its own handsome attribute. With it, the beauty of trousers will be upgraded automatically.
the thin belt is a piece with its own handsome attribute
Add a belt to a soft or sexy skirt, and the style immediately becomes a little cool. Compared with other belts, the thin belt will be more delicate and feminine, which is very suitable for matching with fairy skirt.

Add a belt to a skirt

The finer the belt, the more exquisite it is. Olivia's gold belt is the exquisite itself.

exquisite gold belt

In addition, the thin belt is also an excellent tool for layering.Is the outfit of AA enriched immediately after being tied with a black belt?

tied with a black belt

When the belt and clothes collide with each other, the sense of hierarchy will be richer, and the effect will be weaker if the same color is used.

                                                         - pick material -
                                                            Basic leather

All the pieces are more basic and more versatile, so is the belt.

basic belt

The simple basic leather style without extra fancy ornaments can be used no matter what clothing items you wear. Strong leather belt also determines its versatility.

basic leather style belt

In winter, clothes are heavy. If you choose a belt made of soft material, it will not hold up, but the leather belt won't at all.

leather belt can hold heavy coat

If you don't know which kind of belt to buy,then choose Gucci's logo belt. It's moderate in width and super versatile.Whether it's a top or a pair of jeans, it's perfect for all seasons.

                                                            Sport nylon

Whether you pay attention to the trend or not, you must have seen off white's industrial belt.It's similar to the braided belt that we used to tie jeans in PE class when we were in school.

off white's industrial belt
Seeing the demonstration of street photographers can be said to be very eager to buy.

off white's industrial belt
As for the degree of versatility, it can also be said that leather is not inferior at all. It's no surprise that suits, coats and denim coats are all held.

This year, many brands have made similar styles, some of them are still sporty, some of them are made of solid colors, which is more suitable for taking photos everyday.
Sport nylon belt
If you like more street sports, you must buy a nylon belt like this~

                                                             Waist rope

You're right. It's the waist rope. Although the style is more casual than the industrial belt, it's not so sporty.
waist rope

On the contrary, if it's tied in a bow, it's also feminine.

waist rope tied in a bowwaist rope tied in a bow

This kind of waist rope can be adjusted by yourself. The style is relatively more variable. The length can also be adjusted at will. It's quite recommended to start with.

lady fashion

Today's sharing ends,the next blog will share how to match and tie the belt, then see you tomorrow! ❤️

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