How to know the disposable masks you bought is good or now?

How to know the disposable masks you bought is good or now?

With the wide spreading trend of Corona 19 Virus, the demands of face masks are getting more and more urgent. However, in order to earn money some unmoral merchants sell fake masks. Fake masks can’t protect our health as the genuine one. How to know the masks you bought is good or now?

 Here we are going to share some methods for you know more about surgical masks and common masks.

  1. Distinguish from the thickness.

Real mask is used of thick material to keep the viral particles away from us. It has at least 3 layers.

Fake mask is thin. Some can be easily told from visual. Or Cut it off to see how many layers it has. Below mask is cut off and appears 3 layers.



The outside layer is made of non-woven material, it can stop liquid splashing from others. The inner side layer is made of soft cloth, it will absorb exhaled moisture by user. And the middle layer is made of Melt-blown Cloth Filter which can block virus and make the air clean.

2. The genuine Melt-blown Cloth will not catch the fire. But the fake one will. So cut off your mask, separate the middle part and light it with fire. Then take away the fire to see if the rest will continue burning or not.


Step 2

(The fake mask will continue burning after taking away the lighter. )

Step 3

(The real mask will stop the fire immediately when passing the lighter away.)

  1. The third method to identified a mask is to pour the water. As I mentioned before, the outside layer is used to prevent the liquid splashing from other people. So this layer must be water proofed.

We can fold the mask with angle and pour some water in it. Please make sure the outside layer contacting the water not the inner layer.

Step 4


(The fake mask is leaking the water very soon.)


Step 5

(While the real one is holding the water for minutes.)


To summer up, cut it off to see if there are three layers, burn the middle layer with the fire to see if it will catch the fire and pour the water to the outside layer. Hope these methods will help you to distinguish the disposable masks.