Are you still confused about how to distinguish the genuine leather belt?

Are you still confused about how to distinguish the genuine leather belt?-JASGOOD OFFICIAL

Let me show you somethings.

There are two kinds genuine leather, the first layer leather and the second layer leather belt.

The first layer leather is the surface layer of animal skin, it feels comfortable and had high strength and tension. White the second layer leather is loose layer of fibrous tissue relatively better, that’s why the price of first-layer-made bag is higher than the bag made of second layer leather.Though the second layer leather has slightly poor strength and tension, the requirements for it is the same as the first layer leather’s. So there is no substantial difference in quality.

Four tips when choosing a genuine leather product:

1.Tell by touching

Genuine leather has tough elasticity, and it feels smooth ans comfortable. Softly press the cortical surface, there is round fold to the center and irregular but natural texture.

2.Tell by visual

There are visible pores and lines on genuine leather, which presenting an irregular state.

3.Tell by smelling

Genuine leather smells special, non-irritating odor. While other leather has a strong irritating smell or plastic smell.

4.Tell by burning

It smells like burning hair when you burn genuine leather, and there is no lump after burning. You can make the burned ash into powder with your finger.

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