Looking bloated? A belt makes you slimmer and more stylish!(2)

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Have you read the last blog? Dear ones who haven't readed, let ’s take a look at the content of the previous blog. This time, I will talk about how to match the bel.

How to match belt

                                                            -Sweater + belt-

How can we match the sweaters that we wear every day in autumn and winter? It's nothing more than a primer or a single outfit.

On this basis, you may try to integrate a belt in a different shape.

The show gave a good demonstration. Sweaters suitable for winter wear can't escape the heavy label, and overstaffed is inevitable.

But matching a belt like this really solves all the problems perfectly.

sweater match with belt
The same is true of ordinary pullovers.

ordinary pullovers match with belt
Not only to achieve the purpose of showing thin, but also to remind others that their legs are so long!

This kind of super thick sweater is more recommended to wear with belt.

super thick sweater  wear with belt.
In addition to the more advanced fashionable style, it can also resist the cold wind, which is warmer several degrees than the open wear.

                                                        -Suit coat + belt-

A clean belt and a suit are a perfect match.

A clean belt and a suit

Weakened the stereotype of the suit coat and gave the overall look more modeling sense.

I strongly suggests that the beauties in the South can try it.

Of course, you can also take this combination as an inside match for the middle part and the north part. A coat can keep you warm and fashionable.

A clean belt with a suit
This year's plaid coat is particularly popular. The cute kids who have already started can also learn from bloggers to match a belt and walk ahead of fashion

 plaid coat with a belt
The more retro the plaid design looks like this~

                                                              -Coat + belt-

Of course, people prefer overcoats to suits in winter. After all, it's more important to keep warm in winter.

Autumn and winter's long coat coat and belt are also a pair of fashionable good friends, we all know that although long coat is more warm and stylish.

long coat coat with belt
But they are also easier to wear as hobbits, so belts are often seen in places with long coats.

long coat coat and belt
Many coats even go with belts when they are bought.If there is no belt on the coat,we can do it ourselves.

Everyone has a black belt which is a universal fashionable tool. Any coat of any color can hold.

long coat coat with our own belt
For cocoon type overcoats, there is a waistline immediately after the belt is tied, which seems to have a lot of spirit.

cocoon type overcoats with belt

                                                                  -Heavy coat + belt-

Of course, I will not forget the colder northern's honey.

Don't you think fashionable people are not afraid of cold?

In fact, they also wear down clothes and cotton padded clothes, but they wear them with more care, such as adding a belt.

down clothes and cotton padded clothes add a belt
Of course, it's better to choose the mid long down jacket with waist design.

After all, if you're too fat, you're just going from a Michelin to a seatbelt one.

Thick fur coats and a belt often appear in the north.

Thick fur coats with a belt

It avoids wearing a bear and completely gets rid of the sense of vision of the upstarts. It looks fashionable.

Thick fur coats with a similar color belt

choose a belt different to the color of your coat

You can choose a belt similar to the color of your coat or a belt of different colors to increase the overall sense of detail, emphasizing that it will make people wear it very well at a glance.

Olivia Palermo's fur + belt demonstration looks
Olivia Palermo's fur + belt demonstration looks good.It's absolutely warm and handsome without losing. It's not good for the long legs brought by the combination of belt and high heel.

lady fashion
Do you understand the belt matching rules that we brought today?

In this autumn and winter, if you want to wear something new, you can try the shape of the belt~

You can refer to this moving picture to tie the belt, and you can just insert the extra part at the other side.

How to tie belt
Or tie a beautiful bow like this, even the belt can't be ignored.

belt tie a beautiful bow

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